October 12, 2017

About e-thomsen

The three core values (ownership, learning and having fun) are the foundation for the opportunties I undertake as part of e-thomsen.

As strategic advisor I work with Fortune 500 clients on on business/digital transformation as well as global Private Equity firms, in particular focusing on the logistics and supply chain space.

I also have engagements with “smaller” companies or NGOs, where I normally provide the corporate angle on the challenge/sales pitch, and conversely learn from the innovation processes in e.g. the music and fashion industries or the very successful NGO, GAME Denmark, who are masters of agile/design thinking.

As investor, I engage with companies where I can add value as more than just providing funding, and there is make investments in companies where there is a clear link to the three core values – for both parties:

Kontainers is a SaaS solution provider for logistics providers. It has multiple of the top brands in its customer base, including the likes of Maersk.

Arviem is a Swiss based provider of advanced cargo monitoring solutions, working with customer such as Nestlé and Japan Tobacco International.

Innosix is an innovation specialist with an extensive knowledge of innovation processes and market overview targeted primarily at large corporations such as Danfoss.

e-thomsen music publishes music on all the major global streaming platforms and online outlets.