October 12, 2017

About e-thomsen

The three core values (ownership, learning and having fun) are the foundation for the opportunties I undertake as part of e-thomsen. As strategic advisor I work with Fortune 500 clients as well as global Private Equity firms on both business transformation – mainly focusing on “digital” and innovation. In a few cases I have also engaged in “smaller” projects with companies or NGOs where both parties get value from it. This has given me great learning from the music and fashion industry and e.g. a very successful NGO such as GAME Denmark, who are masters of agile/design thinking. As investor, I make investments in companies where there is a clear link to the three core values – for both parties.
Kontainers.com - SaaS solutions for carriers and forwarders in the transportation industry e-thomsen music - music label publishing music world wide, especially focusing on contextual tracks that can be used in specific situations