about e-thomsen


Strategic advisor and investor

I primarily work at the two ends of the spectrum: Fortune 500 clients and large Private Equity firms at one end and start- and scale-ups at the other.

Jesper E. Thomsen – My Story

In 2017 after I left Maersk Line, where I had been working my entire career. It was, and still is, a truly great place to work, but being a widower, I needed to create a different kind of structure for myself to allow me to be closer to and spend more time with my children. e-thomsen ApS was born.

Initially focusing on advising large corporates on digital transformation, it became clear that there were many opportunities in the start-up land scape as well. Since then it has been a question of learning from both corporates ands start-ups and taking that learning to the other party. Start-ups are just a lot faster and more innovative, large corporates were once start-ups (but have forgotten it along the way) and have achieved the success that every start-up strives for.

Throw in some large Private Equity firms and a few NGOs and you pretty much have it.  

Why Work With Me?

As the cool graphics on the front page will tell you, I bring a creative, strategic, digital mindset to the table. Combined with vast experienced from all over the World running large scale transformation programs, (not just within “digital”). I can help make sense of all the complexity and bring in perspectives that you probably won’t see yourself. You will have your focus on putting out the immediate fires; dealing with customers, employees, your board and many other stakeholders. Basically ensuring that business keeps running, while you know you need to address the long term as well. I can help accelerate that.




  • Executive Program in Business Administration, Harvard
  • Executive Program in Strategy and Organization, Stanford
  • Batchelor in Economics, CBS
  • Graduate Diploma in International Trade, CBS



  • Executive in Maersk Line 
  • Chairman of the Board in succesfull software startup
  • Board experience from software and logistic
  • Strategic advisor to multiple companies, independently or jointly with Bain & Co.
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Project examples

  • Succesfull exit with Kontainers (as Chairman of the Board)
  • Digital transformation programs for multiple service providers to the shipping industry (jointly with Bain & Co.)
  • Leading Maersk Line’s Digital transformation program, Simplification
  • Leading Maersk Line’s head office restructuring
  • Leading large scale offshoring/centralisation program for Maersk Line