e-thomsen music

e-thomsen music is an independent music label publishing multiple genres to global streaming services.

ArtistReleaseRelease Date 
Bedroom DJs feat. Zara TaylorTry2018-12-14
De4Jul. Én gang til.
TIX3Aliens (Halloween)2018-10-19
TIX3Veil of Ilura (Halloween)2018-09-28
Bedroom DJs feat. Zara TaylorLoving You2018-09-07
Santin e ThomsenYou Had No Right2018-08-23
TIX3Reach (Ver. 30-20-10)2018-05-11
Bedroom DJsSo In Love With You2018-05-04
TIX3Countdown (Ver. 30-20-10)2018-03-23
TIX3Countdown (Ver. Tabata)2018-03-23
TIX3Sounds Like Somebody's Home2017-12-21
De4Jul Igen2017-12-01
Santin e ThomsenInto the Forest2017-11-24
Bedroom DJsSuperstar (Last Night eJay Saved My Life)2017-11-03
Santin e ThomsenCanzone d'Amore2017-10-23
TIX3The Chase (Halloween)2017-10-23