2018 was the first full year for e-thomsen music, and although it isn’t exactly Universal or Sony Music it has actually started to get close to break even.

The most popular artist was Soundtrack Your Life with 25.000 streams of the context dependent tracks.

What does that mean? It means tracks that really only make sense in a certain context. So for instance, the very popular “Sounds Like Somebody’s Home” is meant to be used when you are not home…to make it sound like you are. Or the workout tracks “Countdown (Ver. 30-20-10)” or “Reach (Ver. 30-20-10)” which have been designed to help you do the 10-20-30 (or 30-20-10) workout independent of what device you use…

Streams have been coming from all over the world, but it probably needs some active promotion if it is to push even further.

The Danish Christmas track “Jul Igen” by De4 got 8.000 streams this year, most in January, but a little surprising given that it’s prime time really was December 2017.

It was also the most streamed video, along with the new Christmas track “Jul. Én gang til.” despite that only having had a couple of days live.

2019 is expected to deliver more of the same, and maybe even som promotion, not least as Spotify is will likely continue to expand it “upload music for free” service (e-thomsen music uses DiGiDi which handles the far better paying services such as Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer).

As loudness is equalised automatically (meaning every track will sound more or less equally loud, so you don’t have to turn up the sound just because your favourite 80s song is playing), AI and machine learning become easier to access, the difference between the professionals and the amateurs decreases, and mans that marketing becomes increasingly important (just look at this year’s UK Xmas No. 1). It also means that being in playlists and just clocking up streams continuously is what really matters (so if you want to support e-thomsen music, head over to the track overview and add a few of them to your playlists…even the ones that run when you are not at home…)