The holiday season is a great time to recharge, spend time with the people you should have spent more time with all year, recharge and get inspired.

However, breakthrough innovation and inspiration rarely comes from the sources we always use, but rather ones we stumble across by chance and my personal favourite is just hitting the random button on Wikipedia/Wikiroulette.

If that is too far out of your comfort zone, I suggest reading:

I can only support many of the thoughts brought up based on the discussions with the people I have had the pleasure of dealing with through the year. 

If I had to point to really highlight, it is the need to build resilience, and that can only really be done by embracing chaos. This video explains how Netflix and Amazon do that. Don’t be intimidated by the apparent IT “heaviness” of it, and if nothing else it will explain the monkey in the picture.

“Structure” may win in the short term, but you will eventually get beaten by chaos – unless you design for resilience.