Impressively SwanLeap has been ranked as the (privately owned) company with the highest growth rate in North America by Inc.5000. SwanLeap produces NextGen TMS (“Beyond TMS” as the have tagged it) using AI and real-time analytics to automate the supply chain processes. The growth rates are (obviously) second to none despite taking the less obvious route of “self funding”. Aeronux Airways is also in the top 10. A private jet charter brokerage company with an digital interface that basically makes booking a private jet something everyone can do…but maybe not afford 🙂 The last logistics and transportation company in the top 10 is Flexport, which I don’t think needs much introduction. They have taken a very different route to SwanLeap as they are heavily funded, but clearly generating growth in revenue as well. Far from all startups in transportation and logistics will succeed, and many have already failed. Growth isn’t the only deciding factor, and can be achieved by sacrificing other things, but it does show that either they do have good solutions or as a minimum the willingness to sacrifice these things in order to enter the market. Furthermore, they are all US centric (for now), but they still show that new entrants with “digital” at their core are very likely to get a foothold in the industry. Read and comment on the article on LinkedIN